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10 mai 2010 1 10 /05 /mai /2010 13:00


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Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Alternative Fusion , Indus , Post Rock , Drum & Bass

Sortie : 2010

Tracklist :

01. Blinded [04:15]
02. Chains [04:36]
03. Salute To The Jugger [03:31]
04. Breakaway [06:19]
05. Transcendant [04:08]
06. Repositioned [05:49]
07. Remain [03:33]
08. Wounds Against Wounds [03:08]
09. Descend Destroy [08:48]
10. Bound [07:30]
11. Drift [04:01]


Somewhere between the chaos of the most extreme metal on the planet and the trippiest ambient electronica and chill-hop lies a musical netherworld ripe for exploration. Genre-testing Brooklyn experimentalist extraordinaire Bill Laswell has made a life of testing these waters, whether bringing together funk keyboard titan Bernie Worrell and guitarist Buckethead, remixing Ozzy Osbourne and Herbie Hancock, or collaborating with artists as varied as DJ Krush and Serj Tankian. On this project, he joins with guitarist Justin Broadrick of industrial pioneers Godflesh and more recently Jesu, electronic artists End.user and Submerged, vocalist Dr. Israel and others for a case study in unrestrained musical beat mining. Prong and Fear Factory, as well as ’90s acts like Scorn and Ultraviolence have explored these musical chasms by remixing metal or combining digital and analog extremes to craft unique and eclectic forms of electronica. But these 11 tracks are new testaments to the power of true crossover experimentalism. Songs like “Remain” and “Descend Destroy” reveal the raw, groove-laden possibilities of what can happen when technology collides with open-minded artists unafraid to combine punk, metal, industrial, ambient, hip-hop, dub and other musical hybrids. It’s heady stuff that’ll please the musical intelligentsia but avoids falling into the noise trap, remaining accessible enough to pass as artsy cocktail music.
By Dave Wedge


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