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Origine du Groupe : V.A
Style : Electro , Electronic
Sortie : 2003

By no one from http://www.amazon.com

For all the people out there who say none of this music is in the Animatrix or for the one guy who said it's all in there.
Most of it is, and 2 or 3 tracks are not featured in the film. That's how it always goes with soundtracks.
(All of these are approximations, don't get too nitpicky, ok?)
1. Peace Orchestra "Who Am I?" (Animatrix Edit) - Kid's Story - This one is heard in the morning whilst the boy eats breakfast and skateboards to school and ends when he closes his locker.
2. Free*Land "Big Wednesday" - The Second Renaissance Part One - This one begins as soon as we see the large overview of the futuristic city at the beginning of the short (after the red and yellow introduction), and ends after the large 'robots toiling tirelessly scene'.
3. Layo & Bushwacka! "Blind Tiger" - Detective Story - This one begins when Mr. Ash 'looks at his bank account balance' and ends when he goes to see the 'one that's left, the crazy one.' But is spliced up a bit, so any voice in the actual song isn't in the film.
4. Supreme Beings of Leisure "Under the Gun" - Detective Story - This one begins when Ash rushes out the door to catch the train, and ends when he enters Trinity's train compartment. Again, it's spliced up to use the good bits without any singing.
5. Meat Beat Manifesto "Martenot Waves" - The Second Renaissance Part One - This one begins after the Versitran ad, and runs for a short 25 or so seconds during the news clips before the UN scene.

6. Photek "Ren 2" - The Second Renaissance Part One - This one plays during the news clips of the robots being (partly) wiped out after the B166ER trial.
7. Death In Vegas "Hands Around My Throat" - Beyond - This one is heard in the background of the teenaged girl's phone conversation.
8. Junkie XL "Beauty Never Fades" (Animatrix Edit) - I don't think this one appears in the Animatrix at all, unless.. just maybe it plays during the robots advancing outward in all directions after Zero-One is bombed (in 2nd Renaissance Part2).. if it is, it plays for about 7 seconds, so I can't tell.
9. Overseer "Supermoves" (Animatrix Remix) - The Second Renaissance Part Two - The battle scene.
10. Juno Reactor "Conga Fury" (Animatrix Mix) - The Final Flight of the Osiris - The opening sword fight.

11. Junkie XL/Don Davis "Red Pill, Blue Pill"
(featuring dialogue from The Matrix)
12. Tech Itch/Don Davis "The Real"
(featuring dialogue from The Matrix Reloaded)
Are NOT featured, as far as I know. And by the way, you labeling fools, the quote from the Merovingian in Track 12, "You are ready to die..? (..for this man)" Actually appears in The Matrix Revolutions, but was in a preview for both the 2nd and 3rd Matrix films, so I can understand the confusion. And it might be in the trailer at the end of the 2nd film's credits too.

Tracklist :
1.    Who Am I? - Peace Orchestra [5:58]
2.    Big Wednesday - Free*Land [4:50]
3.    Blind Tiger - Layo/Bushwacka! [6:19]
4.    Under the Gun - Supreme Beings of Leisure [3:28]
5.    Martenot Waves - Meat Beat Manifesto [7:41]
6.    Ren 2 - Photek [4:05]
7.    Hands Around My Throat - Death In Vegas [5:05]
8.    Beauty Never Fades - Junkie XL [6:13]
9.    Supermoves - Overseer [4:18]
10.    Conga Fury - Juno Reactor [7:24]
11.    Red Pill, Blue Pill - Junkie XL/Don Davis [8:58]
12.    The Real - Tech Itch/Don Davis [8:01]




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