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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Blues Rock
Sortie : 2012

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By Exy from http://exystence.net/blog

Since 1976, Tail Dragger and Bob Corritore have been performing the raw intensity of lowdown blues at its sticky, sweaty best. Their album, Longtime Friends in the Blues delivers you straight to a steamy Chicago juke joint in the late ‘50s. It comes as no surprise that the legendary Howlin’ Wolf bestowed James Yancy Jones his name, “Tail Dragger”. Tail Dragger is a spitting image of The Wolf, right down to his rough, down-and-dirty voice. Tail Dragger and Corritore don’t just play. These lowdown blues musicians feel every steamy note of their blues.
The album is filled with traditional Chicago blues from the best in the windy city. It’s also a virtual nod to the late, great Wolf. Tail Dragger channels…

…the blues master, especially in the first two tracks, with the trademark howl and Wolf-themed licks. Dragger has his own, somewhat slurred vocal style, and Corritore blows an amped up harmonica like the wind behind him — a potent combination. Henry Gray, who played piano with Big Maceo Merriwether and later Howlin’ Wolf, adds a valuable, exciting barrelhouse piano sound to the album. On “Boogie Woogie Ball”, the long time piano master really gets his time to shine, as he plays a rockin’ boogie tune while exchanging an entertaining back and forth with Tail Dragger.

Nine of the ten tracks are original, bringing a great aire of freshness to a traditional sound. Meeting the day after Howlin’ Wolf died, the two incredibly skilled musicians have been friends since the 1970s. With the best in that trad. Chicago sound, including Kirk Fletcher and Chris James on guitar, Patrick Rynn on bass, and Brian Fahey on drums, the album was destined to be a modern Chicago blues hit.

Tracklist :
1. I'm Worried (5:02)
2. Sugar Moma (5:25)
3. Birthday Blues (4:55)
4. She's Worryin' Me (6:38)
5. Cold Outdoors (4:31)
6. So Ezee (5:22)
7. Through With You (6:59)
8. Done Got Old (3:47)
9. Boogie Woogie Ball (4:29)
10. Please Mr. Jailer (6:45)


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