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Origine du Groupe : Belgium
Style : Electronic , Trip Hop
Sortie : 2005

From http://www.sutrastore.com

Residing between darkness and light, between electronics and acoustics, between trip and pop, between famous and unknown, their music deserves no better place than between your ears...

Sutrastore was born in the beautiful autumn of 2000. The band consists of Kaat Arnaert (vocals), Christophe Calis (vocals, keyboard, guitar and laptop), Patrick Cherchye (vocals and guitar), Jan Delannoy (keyboard) and Jan Dirick (drums).

2005 is an important year. On the 5th of May their first EP Love Evolution 1.0 is finally released worldwide! It is distributed by AKH records in The Netherlands, by LAVIAL in Belgium and by Bertus distribution in all other countries. The reviews are pretty damn positive and the band continues to develop their own sound and keeps on caring for intriguingly good music. Sutrastore also starts to look further than the Belgian music scene. They present their album in Ankara (Turkey), they participate in the opening of the cultural season in Ulm (Germany) and do a small tour in Slovenia and Austria.


Tracklist :
1. Riot (3:35)
2. Time (3:02)
3. Succeed (3:33)
4. Lotus (2:44)
5. Clouds (4:15)
6. Ifuwannitoo (7:23)



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