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Origine du Groupe : Hungary
Style : Beatmaker , Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012

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From http://suhov.bandcamp.com

A full-length beat lp from the collaboration of two Hungarian dj/producers, Mil and Suhov offers a personal view of the country's musical heritage.The genre is somewhere around instrumental hip-hop and features unique 70's and 80's samples. The creators raked up a dozen forgotten vinyls, including soundtracks, freaky Hungarian beat, jazz, disco and funky records. Howewer officially blocked, the Western music found its way to the Eastern Blocks' youth via the Luxemburg Radio, and created an underground club scene and some really hard-to-find singles. Mil and Suhov infused these items with dusty grooves and stricts rhythms so at last they can return to the dancefloor.

Tracklist :
01.Ördög (Devil) 02:50    
02.Meccs (Match) 01:44
03.Út (Road) 01:28
04.Soha (Never) 02:39
05.Zene nélkül (Without music) 02:43
06.Rejtett zug (Secret Place) 02:01
07.Fütyülök rá (I don't care a damn) 02:00
08.Szivárvány (Rainbow) 02:14
09.Kiáltozás (The Scream) 02:28    
10.Zöld Wartburg (Green Wartburg) 03:06
11.Fénysugár (Ray) 02:34
12.Levél (Leaf) 03:00    
13.Pénz Bábel (Money Babel) 02:47
14.Az utcán (On the street) 03:01    
15.Estefelé (At Night) 03:13    
16.Jóbarát (Good Friend) 01:47    
17.Színes éjszakák (Colorful Nights) 02:33    
18.Szerenád (Serenaide) 01:31    
19.Kígyó (Snake) 01:56
20.Nathalie Ütem (Nathalie Beat) 02:02    
21.Svihák (Wide boy) 00:51    
22.Várok (Waiting) 02:10
23.Röpke percek (Ephemeral minute) 02:55
24.Könnyű (Easy) 01:49
25.Próbáld ki (Try it) 01:46
26.Bázis (Base) 01:42    
27.Ki vagy (Who are you) 02:51    
28.Modern idők (Modern Era) 02:44


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