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Origine du Groupe : Sweden
Style : Ambient Dub
Sortie : 2002

From http://stressassassin.bandcamp.com

    Originally released in 2002 on cult Swedish trance label Spiral Trax, Stress Assassin’s Within the Office of Eye and Ear album swiftly found its way into the boxes of chillout and dub DJs worldwide. Unfortunately Spiral Trax went out of business in the mid noughties and their back catalogue became unobtainable.

    As part of Dubmission’s 15th birthday celebrations, we are re-releasing classic albums such as this, making them available digitally for the first time and allowing them to reach new audiences as well as satisfying old fans.
released 12 April 2010
Artist Profile

    Stress Assassin is the chilled electronic dub project of Henrik Jonsson. Henrik has a broad artistic background, studying in an art academy for three years, playing in various bands and simultaneously participated in many exhibitions. Additionally, he has performed on open stages for expressionistic art, combining music and visual arts with parties. He also happens to be a dedicated graffiti painter in his spare time.

    During his three years at the art academy, he received a scholarship, which meant he could buy his first sampler. At the age of thirteen, while having his very first spliff, he was introduced to Jamaican dub. Ever since, he has been devoted to old tape delays and is a major collector of 70's dub records. We can hear that this has played a huge impact on his music making, as well as being influenced by old school Hip Hop and artists like Brian Eno, The Who and Tangerine Dream.

    Henrik is also the right hand of Atmos when he is performing live around the world, and together they are 'Echölab', a project that merges the trancey sounds of Atmos with the dubby sounds of Stress Assassin.

Tracklist :
1.Motorcycle boy's theme
2.Tags + smoke
4.Emotion trakker
7.Special dish
8.VC dont lie
10.Steath wallpaper



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