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Origine du Groupe : Ukrain
Style : Electro , Breakbeat , IDM , Broken Beat , Experimental
Sortie : 2011

From http://liminalrecs.com

Among patients previously treated with fluoxetine, and start taking MAO inhibitors over a shorter interval, there were severe cases of serotonin syndrome (manifestation of which may be similar to CSN), until death. Fluoxetine has the ability to inhibit the isoenzyme CYP2D6. Therefore, treatment with drugs that are metabolized by this system and that have a narrow therapeutic index, should start with the lowest dose if the patient is simultaneously receiving fluoxetine or took it for the previous 5 weeks. In the case of inclusion of fluoxetine in the treatment regimen the patient is already receiving such a drug should include reducing the dose of the first drug.

After much wandering around the expanse of music, from noise to power electronics, Kiev two sound-producer Rugaroo Sitreus and settled on the deep and dynamic variations of the IDM sound. Total less than a year of existence, Ruga Roo and Sitreus played at many venues in the city of Kiev, were on the festival main stage Enegry Winter Festival, performances of such weighty warmed up in the underground electronic scene of musicians, like Hecate, Schyzzo.Com, Alien Vampires, as well as shared the stage with such notable Ukrainian teams, as Simplerror, My lovely Alien, 2525, I wanna be & Cryogen Heart, Revetuna, Motloch and many others.

Tracklist :
01 - Prozac
02 - Quien es?
03 - She Need Drugs
04 - I Am, The Infinity
05 - It's All The Same
06 - Hypocrisy
07 - What Have We Done
08 - Enter The Void
09 - Invisible Explosion
10 - Breathe
11 - Lost
12 - Post Effect
13 - Inner Empire



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