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8 mars 2010 1 08 /03 /mars /2010 22:10
http://jahtari.org/music/images/JTR07_A.jpgNote :


Sortie : 2010
Style : Reggae 8-Bits , Electro Dub

Tracklist :
A1 - Soom T - Dirty Money
A2 - Dirty Money version
B1 - Soom T - Survivor
B2 - Soom T - Doobee Dee
B3 - Doo Doobee version



http://jahtari.org/music/images/JTR07_B.jpgLa deuxième sortie 12" célèbre la rencontre entre le maître à penser de Jahtari - Disrupt et la pimpante MC de Glasgow - Sumati Bhardwaj aka Soom T. Après une série de dates et d'enregistrements communs, les deux complices sortent enfin le fruit de leur collaboration sur EP vinyle. Y sont présentés 3 cuts vocaux : Dirty Money, Surviror, Dooby Dee Doo accompagnés de deux versions digi-dub dans la droite lignée des productions du label.

Ruff and tuff 12 by Soom T, our Glasgow Jedi MC of the first order, who is drawing the pink light sabre here and is dropping the title tune "Dirty Money" with such an irresistible force that will blast every imperial stormtrooper out of the boots. Probably the biggest Jahtari floor fave during recent live gigs the riddim is originally based on a Commodore C64 SID-file from 1990 by Swedish chip rocker Johan Danielsson, aka. JLD. Johan, then a member of the C64-demo group Warriors Of The Wasteland, created the tune at the age of 15. Finally this forgotten gem is put into hyperdrive mode and shot into the Star Destroyer class. On B the ride continues with the high-G killer "Surivor" which is sure to instantly steam up the inside of your space helmet. After that the big lazerguns are being put on the table, only to light up a final "Doobiedeedoo" with them and kick it properly. No Jedi mind trick - just some spliffical beats for the Rebel Alliance. Get the full lyrics HERE!

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