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30 juillet 2011 6 30 /07 /juillet /2011 16:00



Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Downtempo , Rap , Alternative , Psychedelic
Sortie : 2010

From http://decorativestamp.org

‘Sold out Cyclone’ was spawned from a splendid wingspan of chequered faces from within the belly of a bloated 2008. Four saucer-eyed characters collided in different places, curious and wonderful spaces, with accents that entwined one another’s damp tongues. They clutched one another as the 19th Century west London carnival screamed past their temporary abode rattling the windows wildly and dancing upon sleeping ponies. They new all was true and well when the earth tilted slowly and rained warmth across their welded brows.

Tracklist :
1.Aluminium Tins Weep 03:39
2.Dreamers Are Insomniacs 01:49
3.I Choose to Pick Them Up 04:46    
4.Rain Ricochet a 04:07
5.New Policies Orchestra 02:12    
6.Tattoo of a Gramophone 01:43    
7.Horse Tranquiliser 04:14    
8.Bottle Tissue 04:43    
9.Marrano Came Round 03:43    
10.Rain Ricochet b 02:20



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