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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Alternative , Electro , Trip Hop
Sortie : 2001

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Not only are they great songwriters but also as a band they are accomplished producers...

Christian Hopwood 2002-11-20

Three years ago Skinny entered the musical arena with the release of their critically acclaimed debut The Weekend.

The single "Failure", a quirky testimony to self-loathing, did much to raise their profile and was astrong indication that this was a band with ability and a healthy sense of humour. Then, much to their frustration, their record company was sold to a major and in the process all of the acts were frozen until the deal was done. Cryogenic suspension anyone?

However, the interim was well spent with Matty Benbrook joining forces with label mates Faithless, benefiting from Rollo's studio expertise. Meanwhile, chief songwriter Paul Herman helped Rollo's soon-to-be-very-famous sister Dido with the writing of No Angel, in particular "Thank You" as used by Eminem on "Stan".

Away from the promotional rigmarole Skinny have grown up, reassessed and paid attention to the detail on this impressive second album.

Taller is a departure from their concept debut to a more song-based approach. That said the furrow ploughed by this album is wide, offering an innovative sound that draws on post-club electronica as well as the more traditional rock elements.

"Coming Up Roses" creates its' optimism with a surge of guitars, giant drums and a soul stirring admission, 'I'm taller than houses, I'm faster than the brightest light, I'm the king of England'. Passionate stuff, but things don't alwayssmellso good as Skinny's focus takes in the lows as well as the highs.

Paul's meditation on family "Worth It" poses difficulties, 'The lying, the crying and the fighting, the judgement, the time spent in denial. Was it worth it?' Yet, their take on Gunter Kallman Choir's 'Daydream', "On A Beautiful Day" is a summer time dub that raises the mood again.

Not only are they great songwriters but also, as a band, they are accomplished producers well versed in the art of keeping things polished, simple and interesting. Skinny are, by their own admission, a new band who feel like they are starting again and in a peculiar way they are making a second debut with this aptly named release. Time has been a difficult taskmaster for Paul, Matty, Tim and Dave but they have returned in fine style. Bigger. Brighter. Taller.

Backing Vocals – Dido
Bass – Aubrey Nunn, Tim Vogt
Drum Programming – Matty Benbrook
Keyboards – Dave Nally, Mark Bates
Lead Vocals, Guitar – Paul Herman
Percussion – Malik Smith

Tracklist :
1 - Intro     1:28    
2 - Sweet Thing     3:53    
3 - Coming Up Roses     5:08    
4 - Morning Light     4:28    
5 - Worth It     3:55    
6 - On A Beautiful Day     4:16    
7 - No More Daydreams     1:02    
8 - 5 Past 9     4:07    
9  - Beautiful     1:37    
10 - Failure     4:54    
11 - Smoke Machine     0:36    
12 - Lets Pretend     4:11    
13 - I Wish     3:50    
14 - What I Was Here For     10:03    




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