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Origine du Groupe : Japan
Style : Alternative , Alternative Rock , Funk
Sortie : 2006

By John Tree "Finding the good stuff" (Poulton-le-Fylde, UK)  from http://www.amazon.co.uk

A friend told me about this album...and what a joy it is. Here is a really uplifting, retro-rocking funky stew of tunes. There is an easyness to these pieces which defies any wiff of archness. Love Power could have been a chart hit in 1965...almost Phil Spectorish in structure complete with Tubular Bells and Funky bass, with a strong vocal from Charlise Rockwood...exuberant and sparky. Triumph Stag is from the era of The Sweeney...this retro Hammond led Spencer Davis style funk piece is pure retro fun...party on! But Man of Constant Sorrow is the highlight of this strong album. Using a sample of the tune from the Cohen brothers' movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou" it picks up on the fizzy cheer of the original keeping some of the hillbilly charm but giving it a contempory slant with funky bass, and backbeat drums... uplifting. All in all this is a sadly overlooked combo who deserve far more recognition. The focus is squarely on unselfconcious fun... and as such they should be applauded... you owe yourself this pleasure


Tracklist :   
01. — Smash & Grab (4:14)
02. — Love Power (4:01)
03. — Triumph Stag (4:00)
04. — Man of Constant Sorrow (4:31)
05. — Giggity (allright) (4:08)
06. — Little Spot of Soul (4:00)
07. — Lost Due to Incompetence (5:11)
08. — Light The Fuse (3:59)
09. — Wet Your Beak (4:42)
10. — Ruby's Revenge (3:08)
11. — Matador (3:37)
12. — Husky (4:09)
13. — Soul Bossanova (6:08)


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