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9 septembre 2012 7 09 /09 /septembre /2012 12:01



Origine du Groupe : France
Style : Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012

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From http://lesoleilestrare.blogspot.fr

 Reminding me of the glorious days of ASP, Shitao released a project he started somewhere around 2009. "No Bridge Behind" is that kind of instrumental albums that carries you to another place, like, into space for example. While some tracks bring a trip hop feeling to the table, others are closer to the boom bap vibe. The album will make you think of Tricky, Moby, Massive Attack... it's dark, gloomy, cloudy, spooky and brilliant.

As usual with ASP releases, it's free. And it's quality. The cover and artwork were done by Elise Boularan, a cool talented photographer.

Tracklist :
1. Behind
2. St. Petersburg Streets
3. Sleep With a Gun
4. Poor Thing
5. Awake
6. Cinema Lights go Down
7. Like The Dust
8. Three Colors


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