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10 novembre 2010 3 10 /11 /novembre /2010 11:00



Origine du Groupe : Grece
Style : Alternative , Electro , Experimental , Trip Hop , Indie
Sortie : 2010

Sounds Like:
Sequence Theory Project is a non commercial band which represents our feelings for this world. In the modern way of living Man humiliates every living creature in the name of money , power , authority and order .We resist at this directed situation with our music ideas , thoughts and actions .We attempt to have altered states of consciousness respect to every living creature, species , and plants .We fight with our own way against the power of acceptance to strong policies who oppress weak people unfairly … Social,racial discrimination and models of a way of living and thinking such as Capitalism , Sexism , people who pollute the earth , Racists , violate the principle diversity of humans and species' equality .... Our music has a trip-hop-experimental-classical expression witch we make with our own equipments and thoughts..... Moensa at the melodies and Orfeus at the rhythm . We "marry" our diversity and this is what comes out ! .... Music should be free as We should… ....


Tracklist :   
1. Erasers
2. The missing children theme
3. Elina
4. Birthday song
5. Toyland
6. Spend money on your misery
7. On board
8. Dream on a bike


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<br /> <br /> Super, merci pour la découverte<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />