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22 janvier 2010 5 22 /01 /janvier /2010 11:00

Flyin' High Records is proud to have the Orchestra back on the tracks with their long awaited and much anticipated debut album finally hits the stores. Scallymatic Orchestra has been a growing force on the Dutch (nu-)jazz scene ever since they started out in 2000. This album captures the spirit of eight years of playing, and contains compositions written throughout that period.Their fresh mix of jazz with soul-, funk- and 70s fusion grooves has a distinct modern sound with a slight retro touch, which may be described as The Scallymatic Sound. With catchy grooves, cool themes, enough room for improvisation and a good dose of suspense, the band convinces with both club crowds and the discerning listener. Scallymatic Orchestra plays original composition by guitarist/bandleader Mathjis Duringhof.The album contains several interesting features, which contribute to the already very versatile album including singer Paul van Kessel (WickedJazzSounds/Young Sinatras), percussionist Wieke Garcia, keys master at work Stefan Schmid from the Dutch outfit Zuco 103 and Han Litz on flutes (one of the conceivers of the Kindred Spirits Ensemble and a strong force with the Flowriders.If this is not enough, there's the beautiful & catchy funkymellow popjazz song 'All I can give' with Mr. Benny Sings (Dox/Sonar Kollektiv) available just as a download release (not on a CD).The cover art on the album should be mentioned too. The pencil drawing 'Annie get your gun' is by internationally renowned Dutch artist Marcel van Eeden (The Hague, 1964).
by soul seduction

Note :
01 minor moves 04:24
02 before my time 05:54
03 do it again 05:15
04 mother n soul 05:37
05 jasmin 05:21
06 lullaby for lou and bobbi 02:12
07 groovy couple 05:26
08 on the two 06:22
09 the mc 06:01
10 mushroom johnny 08:03
11 cloud city 06:14
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