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17 octobre 2010 7 17 /10 /octobre /2010 13:00



Orgine du Groupe : Japan
Style : Alternative Fusion , Experimental , Broken Beat , Breakcore , IDM
Sortie : 2010

NEWS !!! This player HERE

I hope the cover, name and preview are enough to convince people to get this, because I really am not sure how to describe it. It’s like, extremely experimental hip-hoppy IDM with an occasional (and very pretty) female vocalist, but that’s not even close to how it sounds like. I don’t really like using the term, but “avant-garde” is all that I can really think of. All I really know is that they’re a group of people from Japan who’ve been active since 1999, going through some lineup changes and making some all-around quirky, fun, great music. It’s kind of poppy and mellow sometimes, mostly on tracks like (R.I.P) Tide and Pinky, and at other times really chaotic and energetic, à la 2 More Heads_Sprouted! or Saddam Fed Bird While Jailed. It’s really crazy, try it.

by http://abandonedcars.wordpress.com

Tracklist :
1   New Years' Snow
2   (R.I.P) Tide
3   Saddam Fed Bird While Jailed
4   2 More Heads_Sprouted!
5   Feed Me W) Ur Kiss
6   Glaneurs
7   Pinky
8   Custom Drum Destroyer
9   Left Handed Darling
10  9 Headed Monster
11  Paradise
12  Kanariya
13  Nido
14  Next Years' Snow, Reprise
15  Comment Te Dire Adieu



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