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Origine du Groupe : Mexico
Style : World Music , Flamenco , Vocal
Sortie : 2004

When I heard Sasha was going to record an album of rancheras I really did not know what to expect. She does not possess the booming voice of most singers of this genre. But that's ok. Sasha's never had much of a voice to brag about. But that's what I like about her. The honesty, the emotion that she evokes, the simpleness. Right off the bat one will notice the obvious influence of say Chavela Vargas. Don't dismiss this as a knock off. Sasha has taken traditional rancheras and stripped them down to their barest musical elements while adding to them jazz and even flamenco (influenced probaby by her new residence in Madrid). I admire her for baring her soul as an artist and taking the biggest risk of her career. This album is at times dark, moody, but aren't a lot of rancheras? Sasha congrats on an amazing artistic achievment. I just hope the US will be exposed to this album as well. Also note that the Mexican edition of this CD (due in August) will differ slightly to this Spanish edition (tracklisting mainly). If you can get your hands on this you will not be dissapointed.

by Joseph Valenzuela "milwaukee sister"

Tracklist :
1 Por Un Amor
2 Te Solté La Rienda
3 El Crucifijo De Piedra
4 Arrastrando La Cobija
5 La Cucaracha
6 De Los Pies Hasta La Frente
7 Ella
8 En La Borrachera
9 El Gustito
10 La Noche De Mi Mal
11 Paloma Negra
12 Cuando Sale La Luna



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