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Country : Palestine
Genre : World Music
Style : Instrumental Oud

Label : Daquí
Year : 2003





Le Trio Joubran, three brothers descending from a family of « Oud » makers and players since four generations... the grand grand-father, the grand-father, the father and now, Samir, Wissam and Adnan have transformed this instrument into a passion, a skill, a life... Their mastery of « Oud » is singular and so are the harmony and the synchronization that they perform all over the world, before different publics united by the Trio's authenticity and excellence. The percussion is performed by the master Youssef Hbeisch who enriches the Trio's compositions by enchanting rhythms and notes. Le Trio Joubran, three brothers from Palestine, musicians sought after worldwide, are progressing in their art thanks to a big amount of individual and collective effort and to the deep love and respect of music and public. Source


Tracklist :

01_Khiyanat Mariha - 4'11"
02_Tamaas - 7'49"
03_Tanaas - 6'05"
04_Sama'E Bayat - 7'30"
05_Khalaas - 10'18"
06_Takaseem - 6'36"
07_Ramallah August 10 - 10'09"
08_El Nesf El Akhar/Astoria - 9'08"



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