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Origine du Groupe : Palestine , Syria

Style : Alternative Fusion World , Pop

Sortie : 2009

Tracklist :
1 April blossoms     
2 New moon     
3 The sheperd     
4 Silver fountain     
5 The kitten didi     
6 Sleep, Dolly, sleep     
7 Raindrops on my window     
8 Today is my birthday     
9 The clock     
10 In our orchard     
12 Our donkey     
13 When we become a little bigger     
14 Kul kbeibeh     
15 Mum, you are the dearest     
16 Happy lesser bairam feast     
17 Christmas feast     
18 Baylassan     
19 A sand house     
20 Nura


Rim Banna, a Palestinian singer from Nazareth, presents poignant and humorous children's songs on April Blossoms. Rim's voice is aided with bass guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, keyboards, bansuri flute, duduk, and oud. All the songs are sung in Arabic. However, song translations are provided from Arabic to English in the liner notes. The songs are so enjoyable that you need not be a child to appreciate it's musical intricacies. Overall, the melodies and vocalizations are reminiscent of North African singers, in particular, Mauritania's Malouma. A children's choir accents some of the songs. Perhaps, the Arabic songs take on a life of their own and instill in the listener a deep level of appreciation. Also, Russian and Turkic elements appear from time to time throughout the album. This is an ideal collection of songs to listen to while relaxing, or spending time with family. April Blossoms is as sweet as it sounds, and it gets sweeter with every listen.

~ Matthew Forss


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