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Origine du Groupe : Nederlands
Style : Nu-Jazz , Jazz
Sortie : 2011

From http://www.musicfrom.nl

After her debut album "Waiting To Be Told" is Renske Taminiau with her second album 'Move Me'. This album has eleven self-penned songs Renske and her band to sound. The CD case is beautifully designed by Renske itself and has a mysterious look.

'Love' bites the ball rolling. A sound like you're watching an old movie in which two special lovers together at last in the arms. A romantic sound so good you can dream. 'Paris' is a French song and just as lovely as 'Love'. You can not speak French, it is still a beautiful song.

In "To You We Sing 'is a bit more in the pit. "I'll do whatever I can to put his mind at ease. I promise I'll be his best companion. In good times or in better." 'Stay' has beautiful backing vocals and a cheerful melody. "I Told You So 'has a somewhat tougher character. "What keeps us from being honest?" The background vocals are uplifting and the instruments work together to build an exciting under Renske's vocals. She shows in this song more her feelings are harder to get through and more to play with her intonation and vibration. The valve, 'Luna', as the usual jazz songs by Renske, only the voltage is great here built and detonated it at the end.

Striking Renske's flawless sound is that they really tell a story. Her polished voice fits into the whole and her band creates a full sound. Renske's goal with this piece was an exciting result to put down than her debut. And even though the songs on 'Move Me' generally peaceful in nature, Renske should be proud of her second gem. This record she made ​​with another motive: self enjoy music instead of always meet the needs of others. And so the album sound so pure. "Move Me" is a CD full of sensitive lyrics and dreamy melodies that in any way certainly moves.

Tracklist :   
1. Love (2:06)
2. Ny sirens (4:14)
3. Paris (3:13)
4. Modern chaingang (4:35)
5. Metamorphoses (4:26)
6. To you we sing (5:23)
7. Move me (4:33)
8. Stay (4:43)
9. To have & yo hold (3:25)
10. I told you so (4:16)
11. Luna (5:07)

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