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Origine du Groupe : Nederlands
Style : Psychedelic Rock , Stoner Rock , Instrumental
Sortie : 2011

By Robin   from http://stonerobixxx.blogspot.fr

'Radar Men From The Moon': an old scifi b-movie & a fresh space rock band from the Netherlands. I originally found this gem through a site called prog-sphere.com, they have an excellent selection of Bandcamp picks over there (from indie to space & stoner rock), check it out.

With Radar Men From The Moon they had me on 'instrumental space/post/stoner rock'. Something that describes this Dutch band perfectly. We all know by now what to expect when it comes to the Netherlands & space rock (35007, Gomer Pyle, Het Droste Effect, Astrosoniq, Mother-Unit,..), these guys are no exception. Intergalactic Dada & Space Trombones is RMFTM's debut album & a highly impressive one in it's kind. A laid-back, fuzzy, warm, hypnotic & intergalactic trip, any fan of space/ psychedelic/ desert rock should give it a chance!

I'm still surprised these guys are so hidden, decided to give their wonderful tunes some exposure on here (and special thanks to the Radar Men for the sweet review copy). So here it is for all to hear, a 46 minute treasure of jammin' space rock, get this & spread the word!

Tracklist :   
1. Space Colonists (9:32)
2. The Wire (9:22)
3. Intergalactic Dada & Space Trombones (9:46)
4. The People Who Stay On The Earth Will Explode (9:17)
5. Moonjuice (8:38)

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