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24 octobre 2010 7 24 /10 /octobre /2010 15:00



Origine du Groupe : Poland
Style : Abstract Hip Hop , Trip Hop , Downtempo , Intru-Beat-Jazz
Sortie : 2010

Autumn has kicked in over here like it should: The days grow shorter quickly, the temperature has dropped and grey skies dominate the view every time you look out the window. Most people hate it, but it’s the perfect opportunity to chill at home. Light some candles, pour some red wine and keep a blanket handy at all times. And ofcourse, don’t forget suitable music. And I found the perfect trip-hop EP as soundtrack for your sofa-surfing needs: Quantifier‘s  “Dark Street”.

In poetry autumn is generally associated with themes like transition, melancholy and self-reflection, and there’s almost no better genre to represent this season than triphop. ” Dark Street” not only has a fitting title, it also carries a vibe that has been unmatched since the late 90s. Slow beats are dragging eerie sampled string ensembles slowly forward while rhodes and e-pianos play hauntingly playful melodies over the magical sound of rhythmic ride cymbals. Add some occasinal threathening horns and you’ll feel the stormy weather even with the curtains closed.

Sometimes chilled and lovely (Old Gramophone), sometimes dark and creepy (Now’s The Time), but always beautifully moody. Quantifier has built this release on samples of traditional jazz instruments which gives it a really natural feel.

Get the EP at Bandcamp. You can download it for free, or you can choose whatever amount you’d like to donate for this solid release.

by niwa  for thebeats.nl

Tracklist :
01 -  Suburban Night  03:57
02 -  My Brunette  03:42 
03 -  Old Gramophone  04:19 
04 -  Little Secret  02:02 
05 -  Twice 02:42
06 -  Now's The Time  04:51



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