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Origine du Groupe : Germany , U.K
Style : Electro Dub , Downtempo
Sortie : 2003

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PFL (Pre Fade Listening) are a downtempo electronica act, half-based in Hannover, Germany and London, UK.

Formed in 2003 by producer Felix Wolter as a platform to work song-dependant with different singers, PFL released their debut album Blue Dub Sessions Pt.1 only a few months later on british label Elektrolux.

With several tracks of the album licensed for compilations, featured on radio programs and extensively used in the German cult-tv-night-show Spacenight, the name PFL became quickly established as one of the finest in downtempo electronica.

Work on the follow up to BDS Pt.1 started in 2006 and halfway through the process of writing and recording new material, Wolter teamed up with London-based guitarist / programmer Jake Paland who added another, more song orientated angle to the sound and together with Wolter now made up the core of PFL.

Something To Say, their critically acclaimed second album, was released in 2007. Featuring guest appearances by vocalists Julia Messenger, Valeska Jakobowicz and Betty La Gachette.

Tracklist :
01. Win D.U.B. [04:20]
02. For The Love Of You [06:27]
03. Telephone Girl [04:56]
04. Bird On A Wire [04:30]
05. Mohinis Dub [05:01]
06. Tears Running Dry (Remix) [04:04]
07. Live Good Version [05:13]
08. Airwalk [05:02]
09. The Foodnezz (Frequenztaucher.Remix) [05:01]
10. Gypsy Faith [06:28]
11. Restoration Dub [05:16]
12. Set In Stone [06:29]

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