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20 octobre 2009 2 20 /10 /octobre /2009 19:05

The Paristetris Project was set up in 2008, to be exact, in thesecond half of that year. Candelaria Saenz Valiente, Marcin Maseckiand Macio Moretti got together and combined their efforts to recordan album with guest features by an array of excellentinstrumentalists, like Kuba Kossak on bassoon, Bartek Magneto onguitar, djLenar on turntables, or Kuba Jezierski on trumpet, thelast of which was also responsible for the visual realization ofthe record and the concept of the band bloodcurdling logo. Without pressure or stress (breaks for lunch and dinner), thematerial was recorded by Zofia Go biowska in a (close to) suburbanresidence of the Morecki family and partly in Buenos Aires andWashington. The obtained recordings were then sent to the Nagrywexstudio in Otwock, and it was the time for Tomasz Duda to take careof them, mixing what needed to be mixed, passing it all to theStudio 333, where with a zillion of technical devices and onereel-to-reel tape recorder Bart miej Ku iak gave it a finalmastering. And this is where the story ends.

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