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Why is it that electronic pop seems to work so brilliantly for groups with limited membership? There are fine exceptions to this idea, but generally, the best work tends to come from folks working solo or adhering to the now-classic set up: one person handles all the loops, blurts and atmospherics, the other person takes care of the groans, wails, and pleadings.

This formula is still very much in play a decade past its most fruitful period, but no one is hitting the creative heights that O+S are doing right now. This duo – comprised of former Azure Ray singer Orenda Fink and Cedric Lemoyne (producing and performing under the name Scalpelist), the bassist for Remy Zero – have created a succulent album that aurally captures the spirit of delicious anticipation.

Lemoyne oozes each beat out of his mixing deck with deliberate ease, building his case slowly and organically with each layer of honeyed atmospherics and serpentine beat. Fink pours her sensuous voice into each tight-fitting construction, letting the music cling to its ample curves and show off its bare softness. It’s sinful, alluring music that pleads with you to take a bite. And bite you should.

by Dave Allen


Note :
Sortie : 2009
Style : Alternative , Fusion , Electro , Trip Hop

Tracklist :
1. New Life
2. Permanent Sca
3. The Fox
4. Toreador
5. We Do What We Want To
6. Survive Love
7. Haunts
8. My Friend
9. Knowing Animals
10. Lonely Ghosts

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