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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Electro , Trip Hop , Electronic , Experimental
Sortie : 2007

by http://7crescent.com

Lush, airy vocals juxtaposed with swirling instrumentation and
tightly-programmed percussion lie at the core of O-rynn’s ten-track
debut LP, Nomadica. An experiment in sonic variety,the Wurlizer-
tinged tracks are sometimes light and ethereal, other times moody
and melancholy, and at all times captivating. From drum-less ballads
like Song to the insanely fast-paced drum-n-bass ode Pristine, this
emotion-packed LP drowns itself in IDM bliss.
Relying not only on strong song structure but carefully crafted sounds,
Nomadica serves to take listeners to a beautifully haunting place.
Vocalist Maria Aggabao acts as the tour guide, painting musical
panoramas that simply jump from the speakers. Her partner, protean
producer and instrumentalist Erik Machado, does his part to ensure
that the correct mood is set by providing a soundscape that straddles
the line between vintage and futuristic.
Recorded over a six-month period in a small studio in Queens, New
York City, this ten-song excursion from the norm builds upon the duo’s
extremely wide variety of influences. With songs such as the Portis-
head / Wu-Tang Clan influenced Prey 4 Piece, O-rynn really puts
their own spin on all things, creating an extremely unique take on
Also included are two bonus tracks, the instrumental So Near Two
Far and a dancefloor-based drum-n-bass remix of Pristine by a dnb
up-and-comer with a phenomenal story named Mr. Joshua.
With Nomadica, O-rynn manages to create an infinite landscape of
wonderment, where the listener’s own imagination is the only bound-


Tracklist :   
01.O-Rynn - Pristine
02.O-Rynn - For What We Know
03.O-Rynn - Materialize
04.O-Rynn - Song
05.O-Rynn - Prey 4 Piece
06.O-Rynn - Meadowlark
07.O-Rynn - Forward In Reverse
08.O-Rynn - Walk The Dog
09.O-Rynn - So Near Two Far (Bonus Track)
10.O-Rynn - Pristine (Mr. Joshua Remix) (Bonus Track)
11.O-Rynn - Firehead (Orynn Remix)
12.O-Rynn - Nothing Less Than (Orynn Remix) (Song by "Atoms To Suns")


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