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Origine du Groupe : Japan
Style : Abstract Electro , Downtempo , Breakbeat , Electronica , Ambient
Sortie : 2009

From http://www.tbhr.co.jp

He is the track producer for THA BLUE HERB. He has released two full-length albums and many singles as THA BLUE HERB. He cuts a path where there was none before. He releases his drums like a dashing beast. He is an original beat artisan without peer. He organized an experimental unit called “Shigam” with A.S.A and released the album “Beauty”. In February 2003, his first solo album “SIX MONTH AT OUTSIDE STAIRS” was released. By those free-form songs, his listeners acknowledged his deep bounds for ability, and at the same time, the sound becomes an entrance into his live performances, which continue to change in real time. In 2004 he released an original soundtrack for a movie called “HEAT” under the name THA BLUE HERB, and simultaneously held live performances at more than 50 locations including FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL. His inspiration comes not only from a sense of hip hop, but also techno, dub, electronica and various other genres of music, his sensitivity and MPC, and culminates itself in “O.N.O’s break beats”.

Tracklist :
01 Forest Glow
02 The Path
03 Floating at Dusk
04 Groundwater
05 Passing by
06 She side
07 Night Scene
08 Struck a Chord
09 Tower resound
10 Motion!



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