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3 janvier 2010 7 03 /01 /janvier /2010 11:20
Découvrez la playlist Nour - En Blanc (2008)

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NOUR presents its second disc, “En Blanc”, another step forward with eleven new songs. Similar to the previous album, the new songs are sung mixing Catalan, Arabic, Spanish and French to express sentiments, emotions, connections and the dreams created from a special mix of East and West. Eastern and Western civilizations, horizons, looks, oceans, north, south, deserts...Optimism...All of this is evoked in the new work by NOUR. “En Blanc” is revealed like a gulp of fresh air, a clean look of optimism and clarity. The diverse worlds that are integrated in these old concepts, these new virtual frontiers, are coherently blended; where the distinct rhythms find their natural means of expression, like in the first single and video clip, “I disengage from the lead”, where the basic funk rhythm is mixed with Arabic violins. With the same coherence we find gnawa rhythms under hip hop rhythms in “Fire” or a careful Arabic instrumentation that gives way to a great pop rock chorus in “From today to tomorrow”. On the title track of the album, “My mind is blank”, the urban rhythms, the electronic groove, create the ideal base for slow melodies and embrace the warm voices of Yacine and Olalla. The new songs on Nour provoke an emotional response; they reflect on a territory and embody a new musical path that is already a reality here. This disc is recorded by: Yacine Belahcene (voice), Olalla Castro (voice), Rubio (guitars), Manolo López (bass, double bass and Arabic instruments), Stéphane Carteaux (keyboards and programming), Pablo Potenzoni (drums). The same Yacine Belahcene, Manolo Lopez and Stephane Carteaux were responsible for the production and they counted on the collaboration of Marc Llobera for technical assistance. Also appearing on the album are the regular collaborators like the Algerian singer, Rabah Ourrad (MBS) and the Moroccan violinist, Mohamed Soulimane (The Barcelona Arabian Orchestra), with new choral contributions by Laura Guiteras, singer with Taima Tesao and an actress in the popular TV3 series “The heart of the city”.

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