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4 novembre 2009 3 04 /11 /novembre /2009 14:30

One writer called the kind of music Nomar Slevik creates “outsider hip-hop”, so does that mean he’s a cross between Slug of Atmosphere and Jandek? I think Nomar is closer to the Lyrics Born side of things than Jandek, although one listen to the new 7″ EP Welcome To Fuckland (Dis.eased) and you may think that Nomar is on some other freaky, demented shit.

When I say demented, I mean in a musical fashion, although when you hear what he has to say, he’s definitely making an effort to conquer the inner and outer demons. In “The Strength (Hologram)” he states “now hold on, wait a minute, fuck being rational/your inconsistencies are killing me by the handful/candles made for melting but the candles can’t be grateful/vandals in the White House but the vandals can’t be careful/bare two guns in the name of your god/but don’t be surprised when they call you Jihad”, and you hear it before a Dr. Dre-like keyboard melody layered over an eerie yet funky beat. The mixture of thought provoking lyrics and hard beats work well with the dark tone of this EP. Add to the fact that this EP is a 7 inch record rotating at 33 1/3 rpm instead of 45, which helps make the music sound grittier and gloomier, and this isn’t music to be danced to by shiny happy people.

If there’s a theme to these songs, it’s that this Fuckland in question is a mess, and Nomar Slevik essentially states without saying it that we’re all stuck within its boundaries. If it’s not a prison, it might as well be. He’s ready to blast listeners metaphorically, although with a line like “I’ve got two 45’s and I’m not talking records” (from “8Bit”) it would have been cool if this EP was pressed up as two 45rpm records. Fans would be listening to this with headphones on, razors to the wrist, saying “damn, this Nomar Slevik guy makes me feel I’m not alone in my own life horror.” Welcome To Fuckland is not music to be played in the club, not with references to suicide, Hurricane Katrina, and gun contemplation, but it’s sure to make you wish more artists would release their music in this way.

This EP is a 7″/CD combo, so that when you open the deluxe gatefold cover, you’ll find a CD inside with all five songs on the record plus three bonus tracks. I personally like it when someone gets experimental with their hip-hop, and when a hip-hop artist makes something that almost doesn’t sound like hip-hop and it succeeds, even better.



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