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12 décembre 2013 4 12 /12 /décembre /2013 12:00



Country : Russia
Genre : Electronic
Style : Abstract Electro , Electro Hip Hop , Psychedelic

NetLabel : Shufflebrain
Year : 2013

DJ DEMONANGEL Rating : 5/5
FAN Rating : 5/5








The new album Naive Plunger all felt the throbbing pain of modern society and the world at large .
As always , technical progress ahead of spiritual progress . That fits our civilization to this point .
The outer side is important in our time more than content. In the machine age man given more time on self-respect, introspection . While some people are mired in the recesses of his own desires , others are fascinated by his own reflection in a soap film reality. Man falls lower and lower in his unbridled passion to possess. Atmosphere approaching the end of the coming of technogenic accompanies us when listening to the album . Seemed to hit the town, built at the site for testing nuclear bombs. Just like now , but hypocrisy oozes from the walls and kitchen utensils. Time stands still and the world plunged into silence eats something is about to happen . Another moment and all that connected you with the familiar world disappear once and for all . And then a wave of memories flooding back , pulls in the past, which is not. And the future is already creeping invisible radiation and the distance, on the horizon , you can see the rapidly increasing in size mushroom cloud . Think seize the moment , and it is a dream as your hands, that is broken down into elements . When disturbed the harmony , everything falls apart



Tracklist :

01. Naive Diver - This Machine Kills Hipsters Pt.1 (3:50)
02. Naive Diver - Cosmoport (4:20)
03. Naive Diver - Hexen (4:32)
04. Naive Diver - Hand Of God (5:47)
05. Naive Diver - Everest (5:09)
06. Naive Diver - The Age Of Space (4:49)
07. Naive Diver - This Machine Kills Hipsters Pt.2 (7:19)
08. Naive Diver - Mysticism (2:59)
09. Naive Diver - Sudden Death (5:52)
10. Naive Diver - Tornado (4:11)
11. Naive Diver - Stereowave (3:32)

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