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Origine du Groupe : Mexico , France , U.K
Style : Alternative Fusion , Experimental , Electro Ambient Minimal , Nu-Jazz
Sortie : 2006

Murcof is a Mexican Electronica artist. He infuses in his music classical themes and principles with Techno beats, all while keeping his music minimal and clean. His wonderful orchestral arrangements personify the Techno beats and give them a whole new set of meanings.
Talvin Singh creates an innovative fusion of Indian bhangra music and Drum ‘n Bass Electronica. His education on the tabla is classical, in contrast his work to date is very club oriented.
Erik Truffaz, having been the son of a saxophone player, is a kind of born Jazz musician, and as such grew up in the scene, and performed since he was a child. His Jazz encompasses the traditional, the experimental and even classical music.
These three have joined hands at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2006 in Canada Switzerland, playing live, each on his instrument: Murcof on the laptop, Truffaz on the trumpet and Singh on the tabla. The pieces they did were composed by Murcof, and include new adaptations to some of his best works. The combination is superb, as it’s always a wonderful experience to re-experience great music in new and wonderful ways. Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to release the recorded material from that performance.

by  http://tinyways.com

Tracklist :
01 Reflejo
02 Maiz
03 Mir
04 Ulysses
05 Rios
06 Resignacion


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