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Origine du Groupe : Nederlands
Style : Funk
Sortie : 2006

From Official Site :

“As a daily routine Monsieur Dubois, a retired ornithologist, would live his life looking up to the sky in search of something special. After doing so for years, his uneventful life brutally ended, when one day Dubois spotted six as of yet undiscovered species of all sorts. They were flying together most elegantly and did so in one tight formation! Overwhelmed by emotions, the fanatic birdwatcher produced a heartfelt primordial shout and instantly got into a state of shock, having just encountered such tremendous beauty. Breathing out his very last breath, the old man gave this particular group his name and died happily ever after…“

Starting out as a jamband back in 1999, Monsieur Dubois has developed into a tight unit performing a crossover best described as “Danceable Hardjazz”. Monsieur Dubois adds a particular twist to anything that grooves, with a sound defined by obstinate beats, furious solos, spacy Rhodes and pumping bass. A sound that easily finds its way to the public and has made Monsieur Dubois perform all over Europe over the past decade.

Monsieur Dubois newest album just got released and is called “Slow Bombastik”. Imagine being dragged from a dark sweaty discotheque to a crowded marketplace in Lagos, or suddenly finding yourself on the desolate Russian plains just after you watched a Blaxploitation movie in the centre of Amsterdam. Slow Bombastik feels just like this.

After the debut “Ruff” and successor “Soul Integration”, the Dutch band strikes again with a versatile album that sounds to the point and isn’t afraid of the simple or the empty. Monsieur Dubois has put a bag of fresh influences into the new sound, but hasn’t forgotten to feature its mean trademark: getting steamed up with stubborn grooves and furious solos…

On the first two albums “Ruff” and “Soul Integration”, Monsieur Dubois already showed a raw yet sophisticated character, featuring original grooves, tasty improvisation and tight interplay. After release these albums stayed in the jazz charts for many months, followed by an Edison nomination and the proclamation “Best Dutch jazz album of the decade”. The albums also received great response from the international press: “Furious debut” (Jazz Thing), “Brilliantly leaves behind many current hypes” (De Morgen), “Ready to conquer the rest of Europe” (JAZZISM).


Tracklist :
1. Das Banck
2. Bowlin'
3. Spy's Metaphor
4. Monsieur Dubois S'Amuse
5. Dreaming
6. Mutiball
7. Da Heazz
8. G.T.R.
9. I.D. #1
10. Rue Danemark
11. Killer Herman + Hidden Track



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