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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Alternative , Funk Rock , Reggae , Expreimental
Sortie : 2009

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By http://www.cdbaby.com

Funk, reggae, H.P. Lovecraft, blasphemous monsters, planetary annihilation, and cannabis. What more do you possibly need to know? Cthulhu: The Funksical is a half hour, rather ridiculous, musical story cycle centered around some H.P. Lovecraft monsters (in particular, Yog Sothoth, Nyarlethotek, and Cthulhu). Two additional tracks are included as free bonus tracks.

The entire project was recorded and produced in Belgrade, Serbia, although the composer, Paul Shapera, is in fact an American who technically resides in New York. The part of Cthulhu is sung by the wonderful Zoe Kidah, and additional thanks also goes out to Zemlja Gruva and MC Milovan in particular for providing immense help and resources for a foreigner in a foreign land.

The vocals and lyrics for Lady Chatterlaine were written and sung by The Matthew Show.

Mocha Lab is the non de plum of musician and composer Paul Shapera. Born in Tucson, AR raised in Pittsburgh, PA, resident of New York and currently residing in Belgrade, he travels extensively, writing albums and creating music for a variety of medias, including theater, film, commercials and dance. His other albums include a psychedelic, funk beat album using recorded snippets from interesting customers at a bohemian coffee shop (The Coffee Cellar), a downtempo, Latin groove album featuring beautiful songs sung by Milena Jelic (Subduction), and a moving indie album dealing somewhat abstractly with religion (Anamnesis). He is currently building an eco village in Eastern Europe.

Tracklist :
1. Yog Sothoth 05:45
2. The Story So Far 1 01:39
3. Nyarlathoptek 04:05
4. The Story So Far 2 02:01
5. Sothoth Meltdown (Yog) 06:15
6. Cthulhu 03:32
7. Sothoth Meltdown (Cthulhu) 02:05
8. Solomon 03:24
9. Lady Chatterlaine (free) 04:58
10. Marionettes Of Bone (free) 04:58
11. A Melancholy Tale From The Icy Lands 20:34




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