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Origine du Groupe : Germany
Style : Electro Jazz , Nu-Jazz , Future Jazz
Sortie : 2003

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We sink deep into the soft armchair, only to jump up again and move to the music. We lie flat on our backs in the sun and yet jump up to go dancing on the beach. Moca does this with us. Moca relaxes and speeds us up again. Moca pushes and brings us back again.Yet, Moca only makes music. Is this an understatement? Yes, absolutely! This belongs to the principle of the 5 band members from Germany. They play innovative noticable electronic music, some where between House and Lounge, Jazz and Bigbeat. The result is funky, it has goove, but foremost: it relaxes. Relaxation transports itself, when Moca is on stage. "WeRe seated on stage. Our audience should dance; we only play the music", says Moca master mind Christian Becker. That's how easy the Moca world is and Christian is the musical director. He's in charge of the backing beat, brings in samples and plays the Hammond, Wurlitzer and Fender-Rhodes-Piano. Peykan Razani is the percussionist, Ralf Eichenauer plays synthies, while Martin Becker and Christoph Kloppenburg tune in with the guitars. Moca is no plastic band. They are no youngsters playing at home on their computer; Moca want to be live on stage! Maybe this is the fine difference: half digital music played by musicians, that together have over 65 years of experience in analogue live performance. Total understanding towards each other, they make every concert into a live-jam-session. That's the reason why it doesn't matter if there are 5000 people dancing or only 50. That's why Moca works. Always. Moca have been around since 1999, but band members have already been playing together earlier in Funk and Jazz bands, in Blues and Rock `n Roll formations. Many trends in taste, stirred in Moca. They have been touring around Germany and have many successful gigs and performances at festivals. "wroooooooam" is their second album and, as Moca would say in their very special understatment way, it only includes music. Very relaxing music.

Tracklist :
01. Jazz Tip
02. Clarke boland
03. Kippchen
04. Atombits
05. Flotter Tag
06. Der Springende Punkt
07. So Funky
08. A40 Bei Nacht, Linke Spur
09. Diskus
10. Gruntee
11. Funky Plusch
12. Too Far Out




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