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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Alternative , Electro , Pop , Post Punk , Rock , Experimental
Sortie : 2006
Durée : 112min

Moby - Honey Live
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By  The Wasp   from http://www.amazon.com

Over the years Richard Melville Hall has copped a lot of flack from various music circles. To rave aficionados he's the bastard child who betrayed his roots by disputing the genre's relevance. To dance purists he's the sell-out who chased the mighty dollar via multiple advertising deals. To lovers of Deep South Negro spirituals he's the man who whored Alan Lomax field recordings for hits such as Honey, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? and Run On. And to Eminem, he's eternally the "36-year-old boy in fag clothing".
It's true that he takes himself to seriously and has confusingly mixed morals when it comes to politics, drug use and animal activism, but Moby's 20 years of music making ensures his live shows are a blast. From early dance party successes such as the Twin Peaks-sampling Go to his latest David Bowie-aping single Spiders, on the new DVD Live - Hotel Tour 2005 Moby takes his audience through a diverse range of music styles.
Covering seminal punk, rock and dance tunes such as That's When I Reach For My Revolver, Walk On The Wild Side and Temptation is a risky proposition, but apart from Moby's quivering vocal style the overall package is solid. Moby's female vocalist Laura Dawn makes her mark on hits Find My Baby, Dream About Me and Feeling So Real, with her pint-sized New York boss doing the rock star guitarist thing on We Are All Made Of Stars, Bodyrock and Lift Me Up.
As with previous Moby DVDs, value for money comes via a host of extras, this time including Hotel videos (including the bizarre costume animal wife-swapping debauchery of Beautiful), bonus live tracks, home movies and a remix CD of Moby's latest tracks featuring hot producers Steve Angello, Tiga and Mylo.
Hotel might have been pretty vacant, but Live is a five star stay.
Tracklist :
1. Opening Sequence (My Weakness) 0.46
2. Find My Baby 3.59
3. Raining Again 4.02
4. Natural Blues 4.25
5. Spiders 5.08
6. Where You End 3.23
7. In My Heart 4.35
8. Go 4.09
9. That's When I Reach For My Revolver 6.11
10. Temptation 6.48
11. Beautiful 4.55
12. Very 5.17
13. Next Is The E 6.01
14. Porcelain 4.03
15. Dream About Me 3.11
16. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? 4.07
17. We Are All Made Of Stars 3.59
18. Slipping Away 4.50
19. Honey 9.14
20. Bodyrock 4.19
21. Lift Me Up 5.39
22. Walk On The Wild Side 4.00
23. Für Elise 3.34
24. Feeling So Real 5.45

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