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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Jazz
Sortie : 1975

By http://www.jazzloft.com

This is another debut album of a young talent that came out of Nils Winther's NY recording trip of '75. Michael Carvin - who had played in numerous Motown recordings with the label's stars like Stevie Wonder - was beginning to be recognized also as a jazz drummer on the New York scene playing in the Hampton Hawes Trio in the early 70s.

As the leader of a band consisting of the Big Apple's rising stars, Carvin cut an album with "an overwhelming feeling of sheer musical competence...." (Jazz Journal). Features Sonny Fortune.


Line Up :
Sonny Fortune (alto sax, soprano sax)
Calvin Hill (bass)
Cecil Bridgewater (trumpet)
Ron Burton (piano)
Michael Carvin (drums)

Tracklist :
1. Osun
2. Naima
3. Kwebena's Blues
4. M. C. Blues
5. The Camel
6. Billy Boy
7. Osun


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