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Origine du Groupe : Argentina
Style : Tango
Sortie : 2008

From http://www.guardian.co.uk

Argentine performer Daniel Melingo has hit world music gold. He may look wasted at first sight, but he's come up with a fresh spin on the world-weary troubadour routine that keeps Nick Cave and Paolo Conte in business. With a brilliantly wayward cast of musicians to illuminate Melingo's vignettes - lowlife soap opera, really - Maldito Tango shuffles, twitches, breathes and roars into life, with twanging guitar, sonorous double bass, passionate violin, birdsong and eruptions of tango-like violence. It's deceptively tender and desperately catchy, yet Maldito croons his sleazy scenarios without recourse to cliche. Pequeño Paria is "a prayer for a child raised in loneliness", intensified by an urgent arrangement. En Un Bondi Color Humo is about the arrest of a pickpocket, both sunny and "dark", while Eco Il Mondo is an atmospheric, dignified tone poem about the last hours of a womanising spendthrift

Tracklist :
1. En un bondi color humo (03:36)
2. Julepe en la tierra (04:30)
3. A lo Magdalena (02:36)
4. Se igual (02:03)
5. Fabriquera (01:49)
6. Luisito (02:39)
7. Cha digo! (04:15)
8. Pequeno paria (06:42)
9. Montmartre de hoy (03:25)
10. Cuando la tarde se inclina (03:03)
11. Eco il Mondo (08:45)

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