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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Abstract Hip Hop , Breakbeat
Sortie : 1997

From http://www.sonrecords.com

The undercover alter-ego of incredible Bruce Banna-like hip-hop veteran DJ Jason. On the scene for years since he first blew up with Blapps! Posse and 'Don't Hold Back' (released in 1990 and repressed 57 times since) the Mad Doctor has been busy working in the lab conducting his illicit experiments and concocting his ill beats in various disguises ever since: London Funk Allstars and DJ Toolz on Ninja Tune, Clusterfunk on Cooltempo, and later on as Mad Doctor X on Son with the landmark 'Project X' EPs, and full albums on the Freskanova and Marble Bar labels, while also touring the world as The Freestyler's man behind the decks.  You know this man: you just don't know you know him.

Tracklist :
1 - Intergalactic Throwdown           
2 - Giant Steps           
3 - Real Heavy Science           
4 - Hyperion           
5 - Nemesis           
6 - Instamatic           
7 - Nuts           
8 - Junkie's Flashback           
9 - I Was A Teanage B-Boy           
10 - Mad Molecules           
11 - Tribute To Bruce Banner           
12 - Supernatural Jazz           
13 - Zen Gnostics On Wax




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