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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Folk , Alternative , Vocal
Sortie : 2005

On this exceptional album, Lisbeth incorporates world influences, irresistible pop hooks and folk sensibility to create a masterful and achingly lovely listening experience. From the first strains to the last, these songs will open your eyes and heart to Creator’s presence, the divinity within all things, and the power of believing in love. It’s truly a magical, holy voyage. The album opens and closes with “Reveal”, a beautiful, mysterious and tender piece, in which Lisbeth’s angelic vocals sparkle. “To Love And Be Loved” is a testament to the power of true love, with it’s message that “we’re all here to love and be loved.” “Give” is a stunning song, with a wonderful Celtic feel, fantastic uplifting lyrics, and such sincerity! “All Of These Years” is a song about second chances; with a fabulous pop vibe and a chorus you’ll sing all day! “Grace” is my favorite song from the album, showcasing Lisbeth’s range, and with lyrics that will bring you to tears. It’s a powerful anthem! “Surrender” is a tender piece about giving your needs over to Creator, and Lisbeth’s delivery is truly superb. “No One But You” has great orchestration, a catchy chorus, and as always, wonderful lyrics. “Stones” is all about forgiveness and release, and the lyrics will take your breath away with their sheer sincere intensity. The title track, “Passionate Voice”, is a magical song about how our ancestors understood the union and oneness of God and humanity. It is very thought provoking, to be certain. Lisbeth is a fantastic singer, and a glorious lyricist. Her passion is evident in every song, as is her beautiful spirit. Join her on this awesome journey. You’ll be so glad you did!!! Worth every cent. A magical masterpiece. Highly recommended!!!

by Kim Loftis from http://www.cdbaby.com

Tracklist :
1. Reveal
2. To Love And Be Loved
3. Give
4. All Of These Yea
5. Grace
6. Surrender
7. No One But You
8. Stones
9. Passionate Voice
10. Reveal (Reprise)


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