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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Blues , Blues Rock
Sortie : 2003

By Jon From http://www.amazon.com

Get ready for the charge of the West brigade

I just got this and am thrilled by this CD. Leslie and really still do it and it has b*alls, power, emotion, fire and just raw, hard nosed blues. My favorite.

Leslie hasn't last it a bit, his selections of songs are great. It is also great for a blues guitarist to play along with.

Simple, rough, in your face great hard edged blues. If you like musicians like Alvin Lee, Johnny Winter, you will love this.

By the way, who is this nerd whose posting should be eleminated about this bozo's fade out obsession. He says the same thing about Winter, knows nothing, and he really pulls down the reviews for the great artists. If this guy had an IQ of 10, he would know that every single audio software that I know of can make his little songs end up with fadeouts, non-fadeoouts, delays, non-delays.
I would like Amazon to take this child Daniel Anderson from (Unley Park, SA Australia) and remove all his non-reviews and learn how to fade-out songs any way he likes.

Tracklist :
1. Crawlin' Kingsnake
2. Boom Boom
3. Mean Mistreater
4. I'm Ready
5. Talk to Your Daughter
6. Don't Start Me Talkin'
7. Hellhound on My Trail
8. Born Under a Bad Sign
9. Down by the River
10. I Got the Blues
11. Why I Sing the Blues



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