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Origine du Groupe : Nederland
Style : Funk , Soul
Sortie : 2011

From Official Site :

Maybe the summer IS already on the way (hmmm...it's hard to tell in the UK), but what I'm really talking about is the Sugar Fix tour which is starting to take shape! We have dates all over Europe coming in from week to week, and most recently we've had offers of TV in Germany and France!

Things are getting very exciting and as we kick off to the start of this years gigs this weekend in Holland (Amsterdam, Apeldoorn & Hoofddorp), we would like to introduce you to a new addition to the live band. Lovely Miss Sanne is joining us on vocals! Helping animate and bring to life those songs on Sugar Fix that we love for their thickly coated vocals. So get along to see our new line up, we have plenty of dates to choose from! It's now less that 4 weeks until Sugar Fix will be released WORLD WIDE! We've been waiting and waiting patiently and we hope that you, our global buddies, will enjoy it! It will be available on iTunes and at Unique Records website, as well as many other stores...

The Netherlands were the first to hear and purchase the album a month ago and we've been receiving brilliant reviews! Although they are tricky for me to read, as my Dutch still doesn't permit me to talk about much other than ‘fork' or ‘cheese', I get the gist that the production and writing is well praised, the songs are regarded as strong and the album has a great mainstream appeal! Naturally, we are thrilled with this! We were album of the week on Radio 6 a couple of weeks ago and we are gaining attention daily it seems! Here are a couple of the online reviews we received so far: Soundslike.be or Nu.nl and last but not least on MusicMarauders (English).

But of course, we always want to know what you guys think of the album and single ‘Capsize'; you guys who come to see us perform and regularly pop up on our facebook, and twitter to say hi. If you haven't already heard the album, you can always ‘try before you buy' on Spotify (yep, that rhymed, I'm goooood).

As you can imagine, we are all buzzing with the reactions we are getting, but we still need and sincerely appreciate your support! Please take a look at our video for ‘Capsize' and should you find yourself getting wildly addicted to it, then please share the link and pass it on. To watch it click here! If you want to jump on board the next full and lively push for the world wide release, all you have to do is spread the word, yeah that's it! SPREAD THE WORD!! To those of you getting in touch from all other countries outside of Europe such as Japan, Australia, China and US, we'd love to come and play! A little bit of detective work and enthusiasm can go a long way, so get in touch and lets make it happen!!

We hope to see you all at a show soon! - Laura x

Tracklist :
01 Capsize 03:37
02 110 Percent 03:18
03 Hours On Hours 03:19
04 Stone Me 03:21
05 All Over Again 02:58
06 Wicked Man 03:06
07 Sugar Fix 03:45
08 Just Keeps Smoking 03:45
09 In Or Out 03:41
10 Floating 03:45
11 Time Aint Waiting 02:57
12 About To Blow 03:17
13 Letting Me Love You 04:15


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