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Origine du Groupe : Norway
Style : Jazz
Sortie : 2011

From http://www.reverbnation.com

" Now I will taste the fall and owe all my love to him". The nature of melancholy is one of beauty,and so is its language. Thus melancholy is my true artistic source. " You can`t force a rose to bloom". The way I see it, patience combined with hard work is the only way to go, and we should feel humble towards the changes cast upon us as we trot along.

From http://jazzalley.blogspot.com

Laila Angell has a close relationship with Edvard Grieg's music. Now she has composed 10 songs, inspired by the Norwegian master's piano pieces. Their debut album, Changes- an organic, acoustic Norwegian jazz albums - represents a new and different elements of Norwegian jazz and popular music.
The lyrics on the CD is the result of a collaboration with author Marit Berger.
Genre-wise are the songs in the landscape melodic jazz / pop with a touch ballad. Artist's distinctive voice enhances the clean melodic lines, the exciting harmonies and lyrical texts. Naked voice with delicate shades of blue. A remarkable debut.

Laila Angell- vocal & piano
Vegard Schau-piano,
Christopher Carlsen-drums,
Jo Berger Myhre-bass,
Anders Jensen-cello,
MariusKristiansen- guitar

Tracklist :   
01. The Beauty Of Love (4:19)
02. Hold Me (2:09)
03. You Are The Moment (4:05)
04. Honesty (3:14)
05. Seamouth Beach (3:52)
06. Homesickness (3:58)
07. In The Name Of Love (3:42)
08. The Lover Lost (3:31)
09. Come Fall (2:52)
10. We Alter (3:38)

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