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Origine du Groupe : Latvia
Style : Experimental , Downtempo, Future Jazz, Nu Jazz
Sortie : 2009

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From http://archive.org

Musical and poetic duet "Cocoa" with her debut album "always" -
a real gem in the contemporary Russian music. Strange little things (and
otherwise it will not be called), collected in the album are
connection fantastically beautiful poems and constant unexpected game
sounds interwoven into mischievous, intricate melodies, reminiscent of the
childhood dreams, calm unconcern, a good kind of absurd and positive

Participants electronic duo "Cocoa" is not accidental conceal his musical
origin. Being created as an experiment, a musical outlet,
entertainment for friends, "Cocoa" - an attempt to make light and beautiful
pop music, not burdened roaring guitars and hard drums. Perhaps the
this is how they are born of the coolest projects: free from the obligations
just for love.
Like many electronic bands, "Cocoa" is betting on female vocals
and rich musical erudition of both authors. Completes the picture good
sound engineering.
First you hear the sweet, rich tone of voice, she sings-weave
amazingly beautiful and whimsical lyrics, Burlesque. Then sings along
light and in a good hit melodies. And then start and pereslushivat
colorful beads to sort songs one by one, noting with surprise that
"Cocoa" in one track can coexist songs of whales and cats
industrial noise and sounds of the city - and all this wealth so unobtrusively
singing fills the space that is monitored only at the level of nuance.

For bright airy layers of sounds, images and associations generated
open and fluid imagination of the author, is a mature professional
work done not only elegant and tasteful, but absolutely original and
100% in the spirit of the times!

Tracklist :
02 -Po(4:50)
03 -origami(4:59)
04 -kit(3:54)
05 -paraplan(4:32)
06 -Sumac(1:11)
07 -kloun(3:45)
08 -minuty(4:11)
09 -zheleznodorozhnik(4:02)
10 -ka4eli (4:50)
11 -dura(4:21)
12 -napopopolam(3:57)
13 -vals(2:28)
14 -eng(4:35)
15 -lullaby(4:49)


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