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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Jazz , Acid Jazz
Sortie : 2008

From http://www.cdbaby.com

Growing up in Louisiana was a very profound experience. It was the perfect environment for me to cultivate my skills as an aspiring jazz artist. Though I decided to relocate long ago, I felt it only right to return in order to record an album with my friends and fellow artists who still reside there. I can remember a strong sense of community when I used to live there. In fact, the reason why my family moved there was because my father (Owusu Bandele) had decided to teach at Southern University so that he would be able to contribute to the commuinty by assiting African American small farmers. That same sense of community was also evident in the fact that so many successful jazz artists would come back home (Wes Anderson, Wynton Marsallis, and Troy Davis to name a few) to perform at local clubs and participate in workshops for young jazz musicians. So much has changed since I left, and yet a lot has remained the same. I decided to drive down to New Orleans from Chicago to record in the only standing recording studio at the time (Word of Mouth studio), bringing with me my longtime friend and fellow musician Fred Jackson, and also one of Chicago's finest vocalists, know as Yaw. The recording session was nothing less than magical- especially considering that we recorded with no rehearsal and none of the other musicians were previously exposed to the music. I had no doubts that the sessions would be great, knowing that the musicians that I chose are all very creative and talented. Though I had left Louisiana long ago, there was still a very powerful chemistry between all of the artists present at the recording session. It is truly a blessing to work with such gifted individuals. I must say though, that there was also a sense of heaviness in the air, being that New Orleans was still in ruins due to hurricane Katrina. Even though the city was torn and tattered, it was good to see that the spirit of the people still living there could not be broken.This album serves as my dedication to New Orleans so that I can give something back and show some respect and appreciation for the forgotten city that has contributed so much culture to the world.


Tracklist :
01. Intro                       00:57
02. Clearer Of The Way          14:59
03. When You Come Around        05:44
04. My Favorite Things          09:33
05. Say What?                   10:40
06. Can They See, Do They Hear? 07:00
07. Interlude                   00:56
08. Daughter Of Heaven          08:07
09. Things I Used To Know       06:01
10. Driving Me Sane             07:36



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