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Origine du Groupe : Germany
Style : Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2011

From http://www.morgen-noi.de

We are excited to present our second Morgen Noi release !
Orange Air is the debut of Ju-Ar, who has been working in the last couple of years together with his good friend under the name of ‘Truestatiks‘. The solo Album was planned a long time ago, but couldn’t be realized until last year.
Orange Air shows Ju-Ar’s point of view of music with a thoughtful use of vocal bits, instruments and samples inspired by the golden-era of jazz and soul completed by a warm reel 2 reel tape sound.


Tracklist :
1.Prelude 01:14
2.Orange Air 03:34
3.Hey Girl feat. Salvia Kamili 04:05
4.Take Your Time 04:05
5.Cool Down 02:11    
6.Liquid Love 04:54
7.I Want You 03:02
8.Sun Rooftop 02:47    
9.Another Change 01:46
10.Trails Of History 03:00
11.Essence 04:04
12.Turn It Up 03:07
13.Flea Market Diamond 04:31
14.Gimme Some 03:13
15.Shape Of Things 04:57    
16.Ursula Rucker - Free At Last (Ju-Ar Remix) 02:06



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