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Note :

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Blues

Sortie : 1940

Tracklist :
01 Careless Love
02 Prison Bound
03 Hard Time Blues
04 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
05 Motherless Children (part 1)
06 Motherless Children (part 2)


Joshua Daniel White (February 11, 1914–-September 5, 1969), best known as Josh White, was a legendary American singer, guitarist, songwriter, actor, and civil rights activist. He was also known by the name "J King".

White's anti-segregationist and international human rights political stance presented in many of his recordings and in his speeches at rallies resulted in the right-wing McCarthyites incorrectly assuming that he must have been a Communist. Accordingly, from 1947 through the mid 1960s, White was caught in the vise grip of the anti-Communist Red Scare, and combined with his resulting attempt to clear his name, his career was harmed immeasurably. However, regardless of the purists' debate over the artistic change in his presentation or from those who opposed his politics, White unarguably inspired several generations of guitarists with his new and unique stylings and techniques, and is cited as a major musical and social influence by dozens of future stars.

"Harlem Blues" was a set of three 78 rpm singles, recorded March 7, 1940 in New York City

by Zero G Sound (Thanks !!!)

More info : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josh_White

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