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26 janvier 2010 2 26 /01 /janvier /2010 14:00

Jeanette Lindström - Attitude & Orbit Control (2009)


Swedish singer/composer/lyricist Jeanette Lindström is threefold gifted. She has that ability to set the imagination of the listener in movement; with her voice, her music as well as with her words. In synch.

Her sixth solo album, entitled Attitude & Orbit Control, serves as hard proof. It is a space odyssey of sorts, interpersonal as well as interstellar. The micro- as well as macrocosmic forces at play. Fellow travellers include co-writing guest vocalist Robert Wyatt, a whole new band and new co-producer and drummer Magnus Öström of e.s.t. as well as lyrics contributor Sidsel Endresen.

Attitude & Orbit Control will be released on October 21st by Playground Music Scandinavia on the Diesel imprint. As on most of Jeanette Lindström's records A&OC comprises mainly original material, one cover, The Flaming Lips’ song All We Have Is Now, the only exception this time.

Jeanette Lindström has always been an artist keen to tour and her travels have brought her too many parts of the world. She has given concerts and toured extensively throughout the Nordic countries as well as France, Belgium, UK, Japan and Canada. France and Canada have come to be something of second home countries to Jeanette, and her latest albums have also found their way to the hearts of the French record-buying public.
from http://www.myspace.com/attitudeorbitcontrol

Note :
01.we would [05:36]
02.all we have is now [04:30]
03.morning [07:55]
04.river [04:49]
05.you say [05:51]
06.scenery [01:45]
07.scenery postludium [01:51]
08.blue room yellow tree [06:44]
09.lament [01:52]
10.river (feat robert wyatt) [04:44]
11.spacetalk [00:50]
12.spacewalk [05:12]
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