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3 février 2010 3 03 /02 /février /2010 13:30
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With a given name like January, it’s no wonder that singer-songwriter January Thompson’s label debut Careful What You Tell the Sky comes off as a pristine wintery soundscape. The unique combination of a classical music upbringing with an electronic treatment from producers Ramin Sakurai (Supreme Beings of Leisure) and DJ and Quango label CEO Bruno Guez make for a sound filled with both organic acoustic notes and sparser electronic atmospherics.

Note :

Tracklist :

1. Hourglass (3:40)
2. Careful What You Tell the Sky (5:31)
3. I Do (3:44)
4. You'll Love Again (4:16)
5. Beautiful Ache (4:47)
6. I'd Rather (4:25)
7. Where Do You Put Your Heart (4:55)
8. The Dream (4:27)
9. Fall Forward (4:11)
10. In Spite Of (4:11)





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