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Origine du Groupe : Germany
Style : Abstract Electro , Abstract Hip Hop , Downbeat
Sortie : 2012

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From http://dustedwax.org

Here is the long-expected new album by the German meastro Impuls. "Leaf" (LP) is a spectacular fusion of high quality acid jazz, funky hip-hop rhythms, beautiful ambience and thrilling trancy vibes. To support/purchase/donate, feel free to visit Impuls bandcamp store.

Tracklist :
1.Bewegungen 01:20    
2.Actinidia 06:52    
3.Jam At The Werkstatt I feat. Ulle 00:57    
4.Terra Furum 05:26    
5.Fee Verte (Chopped Eartrolude) 01:36    
6.Equals 04:11    
7.Jam At The Werkstatt IV feat. Pascal & Flo 00:57    
8.Choices 01:42    
9.Haze Horizon feat. Dj Racy A.J 06:21    
10.Jam At The Werkstatt III feat. Pascal & Flo 00:48    
11.Looney feat. Ulle Kamelle 04:52    
12.La chica que va de rojo (Rhodetrolude) 01:57    
13.Missin 04:37
14.Jam At The Werkstatt IV feat. Pascal & Flo 01:12    
15.Passed The Right Port 06:12    
16.Jam At The Werkstatt V (Pascal & Flo) 00:22
17.Underground Vibes feat. Violent Public Disorderaz 04:22    
18.Valerian Valley feat. HairyBo 03:04    
19.Guess Where I Come From (Pastrolude) 00:59    
20.Jam At The Werkstatt VI Outroskit feat. Pascal & Ulle 00:29

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