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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2011

From http://iamomni.bandcamp.com :

The prolific, globetrotting Los Angeles emcee and vocalist, IAMOMNI presents his defining work. IAMOMNI is produced by the British musical visionary, Tricky who strips the trip-hop sound he created alongside Massive Attack and Portishead and on solo albums like Maxinquaye and Pre-Millennium Tension, down to a lean, sinewy hybrid of hip-hop, rock, dubstep and new wave, all intercut with heady, atmoshperic vocals from singers Tiki Lewis and Kassia Conway. Recorded between Los Angeles and Paris, IAMOMNI also features Japan's premier emcee Shingo2, and Suffa from Australia's hip-hop crew Hilltop Hood, rounding out an album every bit as global as the struggle has become. As we fashion the future from the rubble of the 20th century, our hearts and minds are the frontline of the new war, and the enemy has become part of us. IAMOMNI is IAMOMNI's call to arms for the youth to claim control of themselves, and to understand that in a world where nothing seems real, they are the only thing left that is.

Tracklist :   
1.Diamond Hunter f. Tiki Lewis 03:07
2.All Over f. Kassia Conway 03:24
3.Animal f. Tiki Lewis 04:03
4.We Need You f. Shingo2 03:35
5.Power f. Jawnee Burkes & Tiki Lewis 03:10
6.Pangea f. Suffa & Chris Clarke 02:19
7.Magic f. Tiki Lewis 04:11
8.Pushdub f. Tiki Lewis 02:46
9.Give Me the Go 02:37   
10.Black and Gold f. Tiki Lewis 04:38

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