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Origine du Groupe : Finland
Style : Electronic , Indie
Sortie : 2012

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From http://www.thepopsucker.com

the first time i ever heard husky rescue was several years ago when i was working retail. one of their tracks, "summertime cowboy," and its accompanying video were on the store's soundtrack. i was certainly intrigued by their sound and the video (see below) but then when you hear the same two hour soundtrack on a loop during an eight hour shift you tend to pay attention to songs you might normally skip over while streaming online. (also full disclosure here: i was dating a guy at the time who believed he was a cowboy in a past life and insisted upon addressing everyone as "pardner" and felt the need to wear spurs with any and every kind of footwear, except for boots ironically. so the song took on a double meaning for me.) but husky rescue stuck with me and i became enamored with the finnish electronica group.

for the record this is a new reincarnation of husky rescue. co-founding member and lead vocalist reeta-leena vestman took time off after the band completed the tour for their last album 2010's ship of light. so other co-founding member marko nyberg decided to shake things up a bit and change the lineup. he tapped swedish vocalist johanna kalén and friend antony bentley and husky rescue, now a trio, has released their first EP, deep forest green. check out a couple tracks from the EP and the video for "summertime cowboy" below and leave your comments on their new sound.

Tracklist :
01 – Min Lilla Eld
02 – Deep Forest Green
03 – Wind in the Willows
04 – Sunrider
05 – Skin of Snow
06 – Deep Forest Green – Clouds Interpretation


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